MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY v. MARINARI et al, No. 3:2007cv02473 – Document 53 (D.N.J. 2009)


In a case involving Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company vs. Marinari, the Defendant, Donald Marinari, agreed to accept an OFF THE RECORD SETTLEMENT bringing the matter to a close. The action was brought against Donald, where it was viewed that he was the sole proprietor of a magazine named “Community Square Publications.” The Off-The-Record settlement award was an acknowledgment that Donald Marinari had a less than a passive interest in the day-to-day matters.


Donald Marinari has a reputation as a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Entrepreneur with 20 years of success in the publishing, telecom directory, retail, and marketing industries. Leveraging extensive experience with leadership and breakthrough strategies, he has been a valuable asset for companies seeking expert assistance with top-line and bottom-line revenue, innovation, and negotiations.

His broad focus involves valuing the people of an organization and its technology offering in equal measure, combining teams and processes to achieve an-end result, and developing an understanding of the unknowns within a business. Don has been successful by creating a clear view of the ultimate goal or result and holds an international reputation for being a leader with a vision. Donald’s key areas of expertise include change management, P&L, start-ups, M&A, turnarounds, growth, and disruptive technology.

Most recently, Don has served as a principal advisor and core curriculum developer for several start-up ventures in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, he is the advisor to the Board of No Excuses, a YouTube interview and entertainment platform. His deep understanding that “Content is King” enables him to provide expert guidance in directing the focus of the show to appeal to a broader audience, acquire more prominent guests, and build a brand to position the host of the show for a network acquisition.

Donald received his B.S. in Business Management from Seton Hall University. He is a former Member of the Boards of Directors for numerous organizations including BCE PubliTech. British American Banknote, Edward H. O’Brien Enterprises Pty. Ltd., North American Directory Printing Corporation, and Energy Initiatives (Jersey Central Power & Light). He is a former Trustee for the Foundation of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and is a member of IERG Leadership Group. He was the strategic Advisor for a bakery chain and an ATM company. Moreover, he is the primary inventor of a patent application for a Bluetooth Technology consumer product.