Donato Marinari, a native of Paterson New Jersey and during a time when he was known by most as Donald Marinari.

About Donato Marinari

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Donato Marinari, a native of Paterson New Jersey and during a time when he was known by most as Donald Marinari, became a graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in business/economics. He moved on from there and into a storied career in Corporate America.  Spending his adulthood in Wayne, NJ, Donald is the father of six and a former President & CEO of Bell Atlantic’s directory group which later became known as Verizon.

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Donato’s second career began as the Founder and Principal of Barron’s Executive Consulting Group. During this long and accomplished career, Donato found time to make his mark in the Podcast space where he has captured the attention of many current and future men and women who are eagerly seeking the road to success.

As a Podcast entrant, Don is known to use as his focal point that “People” are a company’s greatest asset. At a time when technology has and continues to change the face of every company and how it does things, Donato speaks about hard skills and soft skills and the difference between the two. Of equal importance, Don has found the proper balance between the two assets valuing each with equal measure.

Of special interest is Don’s view of Leadership and how it impacts the future of all corporations. As such, he takes on many subjects ranging from leadership to motivation and all that lies in between.


When listening to Donato speak about leadership, you hear him say that all good leaders have a lust to learn.  He says they read, write, meet counterparts within their own industry as well as competitors. He claims that a good leader never stops asking questions nor does he take just one opinion.

He’ll stress that learning is directly related to one’s ability to listen.  During his Podcast, he can be heard saying that our best leaders are the best listeners and it’s done with ease.  Yet, it’s hard work.

A successful leader

A successful leader is someone with a great amount of responsibility.  He doesn’t get paid to guess and he surely doesn’t get paid to make mistakes is what you’ll hear Don say. 

So how does Donato Marinari minimize a leader’s downside? Loud and clear, Don will be heard saying, “Leaders keep learning. They never let anything get in their way.  They stay focused and work hard to avoid distractions.”  Moving further, he’ll be heard saying “that Leadership is about making decisions.  Decisions involving people first…not money.”

People are the “Fuel”

Without accepting that people are a company’s greatest asset, the money will likely be less than acceptable. People are the “fuel” with leaders the “match” that will turn that flame into energy.  He can then be heard saying that successful leaders know how to manage that energy by helping it grow.

This is where Donato will usually move slightly left of leadership and smack onto the subject of motivation.  He believes the best leaders are the best teachers.  They are showers – not tellers.  Showing and teaching are what leaders do.  He/she is never shy about showing or teaching someone how to do the job right.

Willingness to teach

They never do it in a way that makes someone feel intimidated or inferior.  Instead, a good leader’s mission is to make his pupil feel better about themselves; to a point where they learn the rewards of showing someone else how to perform a task.  That willingness to teach is what leaders are made of.

The listener can almost feel the next phase of Don’s Podcast will be a segment on motivation.  He transitions into a segment where all people with the interest and desire for success begin to feel good about themselves.  They begin to feel that “People” are the assets where all good revolves 

New boundaries

Donato Marinari has left his mark on his young career but is showing no signs of letting up. An author, a President, and CEO, a well-traveled board member, advisor, inventor, speaker, and he’ll tell you there’s much more to do.  Don continues to look for new boundaries to cross and new expectations to exceed.

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