Don Marinari - The Best Leaders Are Addicted To This radio interview

The Best Leaders Are Addicted To This

By Don Marinari

Sep 6, 2019 – How To Be Mesmerizing With Tim Shurr!

In today’s episode, we are with Don Marinari who is an accomplished business leader, who was the President of Verizon and is currently the Principal and Owner of Barron’s Executive Consulting where he continues to be involved in the business industry.

Don embodies exceptional leadership and gained wisdom in virtue of the journey he’s been through. Tim and Don talk about what exceptional leaders are addicted to and some essential traits a good leader has to have.

Let’s join Tim Shurr and Don Marinari in this mesmerizing episode. Tune in now and capture more useful knowledge as you continue to work on being the best person and leader that you can be.


 “A leader is someone who is addicted to learning.” – Don Marinari

“A good leader worries about today yesterday. A good leader is more worried about tomorrow and the next day.” – Don Marinari

“To value people and technology equally is not an easy task but one that you really need to get a strong grip on.”  – Don Marinari

“People are your greatest asset… without them you don’t have a business, you don’t have success.” – Don Marinari

“When you come home a better person and you come home a better person because you’ve made other people better persons. That feeling is somehow conveyed to those who have supported your effort. And that, generally, translates into a very well-glued family unit. ” – Don Marinari


Barron’s Executive Consulting

Show Notes:

(00:54) Greetings and Introduction for Don Marinari

(03:13) The secret of an effective leader

(05:17) Every good leader is truly a motivator and is more mindful about the future

(08:57) Good leaders are totally involved in every sector of the business

(10:54) Good leaders listen intently

(11:14) Good leaders have a good understanding of what motivation is

(14:10) The big difference between leading people and the Kentucky Derby

(17:28) People are your greatest asset

(21:26) Forceful motivation has some backlash in one way or another

(25:18) “Your guys” don’t belong to you